Support Services

Food Program

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Sistering’s food program provides hot breakfast, lunch and snacks at both Drop In locations.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of food access programs at Sistering, which ensure that women who have little food security have at least one nutritious, healthy meal daily. Women living on the street, or with very limited budgets, are unlikely to find food with the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

In addition, many women who use Sistering’s services suffer from chronic illnesses that are aggravated when they cannot gain control over their diet. Our Food Access Coordinator plans the menu, keeping in mind that for many women, this may be their only meal for the day. For woman living with HIV/AIDS, diabetes, hypertension, or hepatitis C, this program is a life saver.

Case Support

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Sistering’s case support staff are available to assist women who need more specific
individual help with in-depth or long-term issues.

Case support staff assist women with navigating the income support system, the health
system, the criminal justice and the immigration system. They offer women support to deal with emotional issues such as trauma and experiences of violence, including:

  • individual supportive counseling
  • groups at Sistering
  • referrals to a broad range of therapies.

Case support staff provides women with accompaniment to appointments with medical and legal services, immigration officials and other government services. In addition to escorting women to the appointment, case support staff provide advocacy, translation and emotional support as needed.

Housing Support 

Sistering’s Community Support staff provide women who need housing with assistance
finding and maintaining housing
, eviction prevention and support with dealing with
landlords and housing providers, including help for women appearing at the Landlord and
Tenant Board (formerly the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal).

Our staff offer support for women transitioning from life on the street into housing, assisting with issues that arise as they adjust and continuing to provide help after women are settled.

Housing Drop In happens one day a week at the Outreach. At these times Community Support Workers are available in the Drop In for women to discuss housing issues on a casual basis. Community Support staff also see women by appointment.

Sistering provides housing through partnerships with Houselink, St. Clare’s Multifaith and Sistershare. These partnerships provide long term, permanent supportive affordable housing with staff on site.