This past year, almost 3,000 women made more than


visits to Sistering's 24/7 Drop In and Parkdale Outreach Drop In.

We served more than



Made more than


referrals to shelters and hostels.

Made more than


referrals to a variety of services including health, social services, legal and immigration services.

That is the everyday power of Sistering and your support makes it possible!

But there is still so much work to be done. The number of homeless women in Toronto has doubled and there has been a frightening increase in the number of seniors living in poverty. The women who turn to Sistering are a diverse group, from 16 to 80-plus years old: women with substance use or mental health issues; women who are experiencing or have experienced trauma and violence; immigrants and refugees.

Your generosity will ensure we can continue to respond to participants’ needs wherever they may be in the moment. It will help us offer them a safe and respectful space, meet their basic human needs, support them in learning how to reduce harm and increase safety, and recognize that their lives have meaning and value.