Support Centres

Drop Ins

Drop Ins offer services, food and connections to community supports. The Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN) is an active coalition of 45-plus drop in centres working with people who are homeless, marginally housed or socially isolated in Toronto. The Network includes drop ins of all sizes and diverse philosophies serving women, men, youth, seniors and families. Member agencies are located throughout the City of Toronto. To find a drop in click here.

Food Banks

There are dozens of small, part-time food banks throughout Toronto, each serving their own area. Call Daily Bread at 416-203-0050 for referral to a member food bank near you. Please note that most food banks require proof of address, identification and income verification. Rules for using food banks can vary, so it’s important to ask about them when calling to make an appointment. You can also call 211 or visit for more information on other food banks, including those run by the Salvation Army.

Daily Bread

191 New Toronto St.
Mon. to Fri. 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (office hours)
Call during office hours for referral to a food bank near you; after hours call 211
If you are referred to a food bank by Daily Bread, expect to show identification, proof of income, address and expenses such as rent and utilities
Food banks usually provide a two- to three-day supply of food, based on the number of people in the family

FoodShare FoodLink

Hotline: 416-392-6655
• Call or email for information about low-cost food programs in your neighbourhood

North York Harvest Food Bank

116 Industry St.
Call for information about neighbourhood food banks and other food programs in North York
Online tool provides details about local food programs in north Toronto

Specialty Food Banks

Halal Food and Essential Items Bank Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto

100 McLevin Ave. Ste 4A
Mon. to Thurs. and Sat. 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Registration by appointment only
Valid identification required

Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

270 Gerrard St. E.
Last Sat. of the month, 12 – 4 pm
You must arrive at least one hour prior to the food bank closing to register and bring identification, proof of address, income and expenses

Housing Resources

Housing Connections

Housing Connections manages the centralized waiting list for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units. People who need affordable housing must apply through Housing Connections. Help with filling out the application is available from Housing Connections, or from Housing Help Centres. For applications and more information see or go to 176 Elm St., Main Floor or call 416-981-6111.

The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

CERA is an Ontario-based non-profit human rights organization that promotes human rights in housing and challenges discrimination. CERA works to remove the barriers that keep disadvantaged individuals and families from accessing and retaining the housing they need. For more information call 416-944-0087 OR 1-800-263-1139 or

Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres (CHCs) provide primary health care services and prevention programs. Keep in mind that most CHCs only provide services to people who live within their particular community and/or target populations. There may also be a waiting list for some services. CHCs can provide general medical services to people without an OHIP card, but they must meet eligibility guidelines. Contact the CHC directly for more information and to book an appointment.

Toronto Community Health Centres

Women’s Shelter and Support

Sixty-one percent of all Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted. This link contains links to a number of supports if you need help.

The Barbra Schlifer Clinic

The Barbra Schlifer Clinic offers legal representation, professional counselling and multilingual interpretation to women who have experienced abuse.

The Jean Tweed Centre

The Jean Tweed Centre is a leading community-based organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for women with substance use, mental health and/or gambling issues.

Legal Support

One Family Law

One Family Law offers legal information – in plain language – on women’s rights under Ontario family law. Information is available in 14 languages.
If you are in an abusive relation and thinking of leaving you can get support and plan for your and your children’s safety. Resources

Mental Health Support

Sound Times Support Services

Sound Times is a member-driven consumer/survivor initiative providing mental health support services in downtown Toronto.